Wambrook Parish Church

Attendance at Services

Attendance at regular services has dropped slightly, since the previous report. There are no obvious reasons for this decline, but may be reflecting the national picture. The previously reported meeting with the Rural Dean, was well attended and all issues raised are now settled.

Service preparation

Thanks are due to the community, who attend the Church for service preparation and for stowing everything away after the service. Their help is appreciated.

The Bells

The bells under the guidance of the Captain of the Tower, have to date not been regularly rung. This has been entirely due to availability of ringers. Going forward it is hoped that the bells will ring out on a regular basis.

The Churchyard

Volunteer teams of mower and strimming operators, have continued to mow and strim the grass on a regular basis. The grass soon recovered after the hot summer and has stood up well during the winter. This years mowing teams have already been busy and working parties will soon be descending to tidy up after the winter. We welcome some new members to the mowing team this year, for which we are extremely grateful. Anyone can join in at any time. The path from the main gate to the west door has been repaired and returned to it’s original width as highlighted in the 2018 report. Plans are afoot, to repair the path from the west door to the kissing gate on the south side, to the same standard.  I therefore thank, those who have given their time to these activities during the year, not forgetting those who set out the rota’s and spreadsheets.


A safeguarding policy has been adopted by the Wambrook PCC for the safety of children and vulnerable adults alike. A safeguarding officer is available within the ‘Cloverleaf Parishes’ and members of the PCC have been cleared through DBS requirements or their equivalent. A copy of this policy can be downloaded from the Church website.

Health and Safety

A health and safety audit was carried out in February 2019 by a member of the PCC and myself. The latest version, is available as a download from the Church website.

The Clergy

Feedback from the parishioners and the wider community, has as previously reported, been generally positive. A playlist of popular hymns was circulated in the spring of 2018, for members of the community to indicate which were most favoured. At the time of this report, the favoured/popular hymns do not seem to have been fully integrated into services at Wambrook.

Thanks are due to the Rev Georgina, who has continued to bring new thinking, enthusiasm and vision to the Church, of which we are grateful.

In turn, we welcome the Rev Ann Kember to the community. Ann was appointed to the benefice in July 2018 at the completion of the interregnum period that commenced in late 2017. Ann was licensed in November 2018. We look forward to working with Ann, who we are confident will bring a new vision and ideas to the table.

The Churchwarden’s Annual Report to the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting of the Blessed Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook,

Wednesday 10th April 2019

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