Wambrook Parish Church

The Parochial Church Council  (PCC)

The PCC is a locally elected voluntary team which, in conjunction with the priest of the parish, has a mixture of functions including spiritual, legal and financial responsibilities for the Parish Church.

The PCC consists of the Chairman (priest of the parish) and eight lay members which includes the Churchwardens, Secretary and Treasurer. Not less than four regular meetings are held during the year with the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (A.P.C.M.) held no later than 30th April each year. Any lay person whose name is entered on the Church Electoral Roll is entitled to attend the APCM and to take part in it’s proceedings and is also entitled to seek nomination as a candidate for election to the PCC.

The APCM is preceded by the Vestry Meeting (or Meeting of the Parishioners) which appoints the Churchwarden(s) each year. All lay people of the Parish (irrespective of Church Electoral Roll) are entitled to attend and take part in the proceedings.

If you wish to view the Churchwarden’s Report for 2019, please click Churchwardens report 2019.