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30th January 2013

Christopher Maltin

Boimethane. The World’s most friendliest fuel.

27th February 2013

Richard Kay

Trick or Treat. Fakes in Art.

27th March 2013

David Allen

Wild Flowers of the East Devon Coast.

26th June 2013

Roger Martin

Why Population Matters.

25th September 2013

John Crabb

Wild Life Images

30th October 2013

Hugh May

Poles Apart. (Snapshots of Polar Adventure)

27th November 2013

Peter Clark

Dickens from London to Kent

Wed 29th January 2014

Jonathan Walker

His Book The Blue Beast…Power and Passion in  WW1.

26th February 2014

Peter Barbor

Climate Change

An Agnostic View

26th March 2014

David Kempton

Walking the Camino to Santiago Di Compostela  

23rd April 2014

Henry Bizon


28th May 2014

Anna Karula

UN Human Rights System

25th June 2014

Michael Curtis

Arabian Days and the

Trucial Oman Scouts

24th September 2014

Malcolm Welshman

Vet in a Pickle

29th October 2014

Alec Seccombe

The work of the Rhino Rescue Trust.

26th November 2014

Michael Lock

Kamchatka and the Aleutian Is.

28th January 2015

Paul Beranek

Blood Tests

25th February 2015

Andrew Tressider


25th March 2015

Vice Admiral Sir James Weatherall. KCVO KBE DL

The sinking of the Graf Spee

29th April 2015

David Gordon

The Un-returning Army.

27th May 2015

David Kempton

Fracking and Geopolitics

24th June 2015

Col Robert Wilsey (RM) FRAeS

Napoleon on St Helena

30th September 2015

David Turner

The Fuhrer's Guest

28th October 2015

Martin Wale

From Dixon to Digital

25th November 2015

David Kempton

I.S.I.L. *

27th January 2016

Jeffery Day and Simon Jones

Antiques and Valuations

24th February 2016

Dr Peter Down

Dorchester Museum

30th March 2016

Commander Christopher Ameye R.N.

 (Deputy Harbour Master)

"The Port of Bristol".

27th April 2016

Gordon Field

"Talking to Trees".

25th May 2016

Martin Dawes

"Why Aid".

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* One of the biggest threats our world has faced. (The Prime Minister Mr David Cameron)