Wambrook Parish Church


13b). Wooden Plaque on north wall. “These bellropes donated by Vernon LARCOMBE and family in

memory of Rosa Elizabeth, May 1998” (the ropes themselves are in the ringing chamber above).



(there are no memorials east of the church)South of the Church

(recorded east to west)

14)* Cross (shaft broken off, leaning against the base). William W. MAYNE, died 22 March 1920, aged

76. And his wife, Mary Ann, died 8 Jan 1922, aged 84. Also their son, James, died 13 Aug 1916, aged


15)* Cross. Emma Beviss HAYSOM, wife of Robert Haysom, FN., CM., of Ilminster, and eldest child

and only daughter of Thomas HUSSEY, esq: and granddaughter of Robert Hussey, esq: of Pilsdon

Manor, Dorset, and of the late John BEVISS, esq: of this parish, “descended from Roll’o the Sea King”.

She was born 31 Jan 1854, at the Manor House, Ilchester, and died 24 June 1909. (note: close to this

memorial there is a plot with kerb and low iron railings, in which area a now quite large yew tree is grow -

ing, There doesn’t appear to be any memorial within the railings).

16)* Headstone. ‘my only son’ Thomas HUSSEY, died 15 Oct 1911, aged 55.

17)* Headstone. Emma, wife of Thomas HUSSEY, of Bridge House, Martock, died 16 Sept 1905, aged

78. And her husband, Thomas Hussey, died 16 Dec 1911, aged 87.

18)* Cross (the top stage has been swivelled, so that part of inscription faces east and part faces west).

Samuel HILL, M.D., died 20 Aug 1874, aged 63.

19)* Cross and kerb. Frank MOULTON-BARRETT, born 30 April 1865, at Combe Head, Devon, died 17

Jan 1920, at Bewley Down.

20)* Headstone. Mary COLES, died 23 Nov 1868, aged 73.

21). Headstone (in two columns. worn). left-hand column: “In/ memory of/ Susannah, wife of/ Hugh

PAVEY / of this parish, who/ departed this life/ June ye 4, 1795 / aged 24 /(some lines, probably of vers -

es)”. right-hand column (top part worn): “Also/ William SEWARD / grandfather to the/ aforesaid

Susannah/ Pavey, who died/ ye 8 day of Sept(ember)…./ 1771, aged …./ Also of/ Joseph Cole Pavey/

son of the afore/said Hugh Pavey/ who died February / 17, 1855, aged/ 90 years” (BT: “William SEA -

WARD” buried 20 Sept 1771, age not given).

22)* Flat Ledger Stone (with recumbent cross on top). Thomas DAVY-JAMES, MA., priest, “suddenly

called away from his ministry in Gloucester” 12 Feb 1900.

23)* Headstone. Revd: W. Fretwell NEWTON, MA., “for 6 years Rector of this parish”, died “on his

birthday” 19 Sept 1894, aged 68. (1890 Kelly’s Directory gives his name as “Revd: William Fretwell

Newton”) And his wife, Sophia, died 9 Dec 1921, aged 84.

24)* Cross. Violet Isabel GORDON, born 17 Jan 1891, died 18 Feb 1901.

25)* Headstone. Joel DAMPIER, died 15 May 1846, aged 60.

26)* Headstone. John L. ABBOTT, died 28 June 1902, aged 69.

27)* Cross. Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin HOBBS, died 5 Jan 1906, aged 84.

28)* Cross. Thomas Erskine WILLIAMS, priest, “for twenty years Rector of Wambrook”, died 12 July

1921. And his sister, Edith M.E. Williams, died 20 Sept 1947, aged 77.

29)* Headstone (leaning backwards ominously). Richard HUISH, born 20 Nov 1860, died 18 Dec 1897.

And his wife, Alice, died 25 Aug 1927, aged 64. Also his daughter, Bessie Huish, born 5 Feb 1893, died

13 Dec 1897.

30)* Angel on a plinth. Pamela, daughter of John Adams and Beatrice FORWARD, born 27 April 1902,

died 19 March 1907.

31)* Cross. Alfred Charles Clifford SPALDING, priest, Rector of this parish 1894 – 1901, born 2 July

1846, died 22 April 1901.

32)* Cross (with coat of arms). Edward Wood STOCK, LL.D., of Lincoln’s Inn, barrister-at-law, born 14

Jan 1832, died 29 Dec 1913.

33)* Cross. Jane STOCK, born 10 Jan 1835, died 11 Jan 1904.

34)* Coped Stone (with a large carved anchor on it) (very worn and damaged) on south slope: “In/

memory of/ Captain William DOR…….. / (one line illegible)”. On north slope: “Of the Rectory House,

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